We are proud of our products and stand by our workmanship and quality material, this enables us to be confident when it comes to offering a Manufacturer’s Warranty on all our footwear. We will ensure they’re replaced or refunded (as long as they’ve been correctly fitted and maintained in accordance with our care instructions). If you believe that the footwear you purchased is defective due to our manufacturing processes or materials, please contact our sales team at sales@denstock.com.au for all web sales. Alternatively, contact the retailer where the goods were originally purchased.

Please note that we have various warranty periods for our Magnum models, so please get in touch with our sales team with any questions.

Work Boots – 6-Month Warranty

Fire Boot & Uniform Range – 12-Month Warranty

Please note that the purchase receipt will need to be valid while adhering to the six-month timeframe. This Warranty is void if the footwear has been abused or damaged beyond normal wear and tear or has been fitted incorrectly. This includes the neglect to limit the footwear from exposure to corrosive material that will give a reason for the footwear to break down. It is important to note that Hydrolysis can occur when polyurethane or rubber is not correctly cared for. This generally arises when the footwear is stored in warm climatic or cold conditions. If stored for an extended period, footwear should be kept in an air-conditioned environment. Failure to observe these precautions can lead to premature deterioration. Always dry wet footwear at room temperature and never in front of direct heat or out in direct sunlight.